Gateway Concrete Forming Services, Inc.


Gateway started business in 1937 in Chicago , Illinois under the name of Gateway Engineering Company.  They manufactured toys, wire bar supports and metal pan forms.

In 1941 Gateway moved to Cincinnati , Ohio in Camp Washington .  The toy line was dropped, the manufacturing of bar supports and metal pans continued and a new division was started offering the pan forms on an installed basis.  The name was changed to Gateway Erectors.

All divisions of Gateway flourished.  The need for more space necessitated a move in 1961 to Gateway's current headquarters in Miamitown , Ohio .  The manufacturing division was now being called Gateway Building Products and the construction division's name was changed to Gateway Concrete Forming Services.

Gateway presently operates throughout the Tristate region where they offered a wide variety of accessories used in concrete construction and is the premier supported deck forming contractor in the area.